Config inheritance

First obtained value will be used:


Host foo
User foot

Host barry
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/another

Host bar*
User bart

Host barman
User barman
HostName barman.example.com

Host foo bar*
HostName example.com

Host foo
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/foo

Host bar*
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/%h


run result
ssh foo ssh foot@example.com -i ~/.ssh/foo
ssh bar ssh bart@example.com -i ~/.ssh/bar
ssh barman ssh bart@barman.example.com -i ~/.ssh/barman
ssh barry ssh bart@example.com -i ~/.ssh/another
ssh barqa ssh bart@example.com -i ~/.ssh/barqa

Source: https://linux.die.net/man/5/ssh_config

Prevent "Too many authentication failures" error


Host *

Source: How to Fix "SSH Too Many Authentication Failures" Error

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